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Would you like a beautiful, effective website or store your company can be proud of? We design and develop engaging websites like these every day.

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Turn your ideas into reality—faster than you thought possible. Epicenter is an obsessively thorough web application design and strategy firm.

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Web Design

    We combine superior communication & listening skills with outstanding design to capture your brand, ideas, requirements & future vision, making sure your online presence works harder for longer.Our approach is underpinned by 4 key characteristics:

  • Intelligent - we make sure your website delivers to your needs; we have a proven track record of producing sites which generate business.
  • Customer - focused - highly accessible; we respond to questions and requests swiftly.
  • Creative - visually engaging graphic designs.
  • Accountable - Our proposals show you exactly what we will deliver to you.
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Web Appliction

    No matter what sort of application you expect - we can provide you complete solution covering all your needs. Our job is to handle all technical aspects, trainings, documentation, etc. - letting you just using your application.

    We can turn your ideas into reality - tell us about your requirements- we do the rest.

  • graphical User Interfaces - One of the key components of any computer program is the interface - the contact point between the user and the application. Of how it is prepared, depends on user-friendliness, convenience, speed. Very often from the same interface depends on future applications - will it succeed or fail. Our firm designing the application interface focuses on three main features: comfort of use, attractive interface and versatility. We strive to ensure we developed the screens are easy to use and does not require studying the manual. Due to the technological revolution and the transition users to touch the device, design Interface units so that the well proved themselves on a computer with a mouse and tablet.
  • Internet applications - Web applications are programs made for an order, according to specific objectives for the project. Our knowledge and experience allows us to create systems of all sizes, tailored to the size of the organization and business processes. We create systems based on different technologies, database programming and systems for a variety of hardware platforms. We suggest a solution where the web browser plays the role of the interface. Programs and databases on the Internet can be very convenient and safe alternatives for applications running on computers in the company. They allow you to work from multiple locations (home, customer, delegation) and allow for the integration of the company's website.
  • Data Integration - The integration of databases is to combine data from many different sources, which are stored using different technologies so as to provide a uniform view of the data. Data integration is essential for:
    • connecting systems from two different companies
    • integration of Internet operations in existing business structures
    • consolidating applications of a single company to provide a unified view of data and of business assets
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Social Media

    Social media marketing services are focused on putting your company in a better position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

    social media services include:

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Software recommendations
  • Social profile creation

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Best SEO Offer keeps your website in tandem with the emerging technologies by using modern search engine technology. In this way, a website is ensured of remaining at the top on search engine rankings.

SEO services you will get from our firm include:

Social Bookmarking Services, Manual Directory Submission, Keyword Research Services, Video Submission Service, Business Promotion SEM, SEO packages, and Increase Facebook Fans among many others.
  • Link Building Services,
  • Link Wheel Services,
  • Keyword Research Services
  • Manual Directory Submission
  • ... and many others

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    Performance Hosting is a hosting plan that is based on cloud infrastructure and gives you guaranteed resources. It allows you to temporarily or permanently access additional resources to adapt to your changing needs.

  • Unlimited Webspaces
  • Unlimited Websites
  • MySQL Databases
  • INCLUDED 24/7
  • Over 140 Click & Build Apps

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